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Contact the ILO on labour migration issues

The ILO office in Bangkok can offer support and advice on labour migration issues

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Manolo Abella, Chief Technical Advisor
Mr. Pracha Vasuprasat, Chief Technical Advisor
Ms. Rakawin Leechanavanichpan, Programme Officer
Mr. Geoffrey Ducanes, Technical Officer

Asian Programme on the Governance of Labour Migration
R-O Bangkok
10th Floor, UN Building
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue
P.O. Box 2-349
Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
Tel: +662 288 1725
Fax: +662 288 1069


Online publications

  1. ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration — Non-binding principles and guidelines for a rights-based approach to labour migration. [pdf - 0.25 MB]
  2. International Labour Migration and Development: the ILO Perspective [pdf - 91 KB]
  3. Toward a Fair Deal for Migrant Workers in the Global Economy — Report to International Labour Conference, 92nd Session, 2004 [pdf - 1.7 MB]
  4. Facts on Labour Migration [pdf - 1.7 MB]

Useful websites

  1. ILO International Labour Migration programme— MIGRANT. Geneva

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