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Basis of this guide

Books on migration

Some of the material in this guide comes from my first book on migration, The Work of Strangers (ILO, 1994). Much of the more recent information has been extracted from the No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration (2008).

The No-Nonsense Guide gives a more detailed treatment of many of these issues along with full references. So if you need to check the sources or want to know more about the issues raised, please consult (or even buy) this book.

I would be grateful for corrections or comments on the site, or suggestions about what else to include. But please note that I do not give advice to individuals who wish to migrate from one country to another, and that I cannot reply to emails requesting such advice. Most of the main receiving countries now have websites that detail the procedures for entry. You will find these in the 'Resource and links' section.

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