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Peter Stalker

Peter StalkerI am a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, UK. Although I have a science degree, I specialize chiefly in economic and social issues - and particularly in international migration.

My most recent books are theOxford Guide to Countries of the World (OUP, 2010) and the No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance (New Internationalist, 2009. I have also written three books on international migration: The Work of Strangers: A Survey of International Labour Migration (ILO, 1994); and Workers Without Frontiers: The Impact of Globalization on International Migration (ILO/Lynne Rienner, 2000) and the No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration, (New Internationalist, 2008)

I have also worked extensively for agencies of the United Nations. In the 1990s I edited the annual Human Development Report, produced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In recent years, I have often been working in in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand.

That's probably already more than you wanted to know, but further information on these and other activities are available at my main website: www.pstalker.com

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