Publications edited for United Nations and other international agencies.

Shaping our digital future

The Report aims to deepen our understanding of the rapid and complex digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region, which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reclaiming our future

A common agenda for advancing sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

Review of Maritime Transport 2021

Challenges faced by seafarers in view of the COVID-19 crisis

From policy to results

Guidelines for implementation of national employment policies

Resilience in a riskier world

Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2021

Beyond the pandemic

Building back better from crises in Asia and the Pacific

Catching technological waves

Innovation with equity

Growing up in a connected world

Internet use can increase children's learning and skills

Ready for the dry years

Building resilience to drought in South-East Asia

The Disaster Riskscape Across Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific Disasters Report 2019 - Pathways for resilience, inclusion and empowerment

Responding to children’s work

Evidence from the Young Lives study

Global employment trends for youth

Paths to a better working future

Banking on the future of Asia and the Pacific

A history of ADB by Peter McCawley

Human Development Report 2015

Work for human development

Asia-Pacific Aspirations

Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012-13

ASEAN Community 2015

Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

Regional connectivity for shared prosperity

UN study for Asia and the Pacific

Making it happen

Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2015

Disasters without borders

Asia-Pacific Disasters Report 2015