Publications edited for United Nations and other international agencies.

Making Our Future

Making our Future: New directions for human development in Asia and the Pacific. Human development report for Asia and the Pacific, 2024

Times of crisis, times of change

Science for accelerating transformations to sustainable development

Opening green windows

This report focuses on what can be achieved in developing countries by technological innovation, by ‘switching green.

Review of maritime transport 2022

Navigating stormy waters

Shaping our digital future

The Report aims to deepen our understanding of the rapid and complex digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region, which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reclaiming our future

A common agenda for advancing sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific

Review of Maritime Transport 2021

Challenges faced by seafarers in view of the COVID-19 crisis

From policy to results

Guidelines for implementation of national employment policies

Resilience in a riskier world

Asia-Pacific Disaster Report 2021

Beyond the pandemic

Building back better from crises in Asia and the Pacific

Catching technological waves

Innovation with equity

Two decades of national employment policies

Part 1 Employment policy design

Growing up in a connected world

Internet use can increase children's learning and skills

Ready for the dry years

Building resilience to drought in South-East Asia

The Disaster Riskscape Across Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific Disasters Report 2019 - Pathways for resilience, inclusion and empowerment

Responding to children’s work

Evidence from the Young Lives study

Global employment trends for youth

Paths to a better working future

Banking on the future of Asia and the Pacific

A history of ADB by Peter McCawley

Human Development Report 2015

Work for human development

Asia-Pacific Aspirations

Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2012-13

ASEAN Community 2015

Managing integration for better jobs and shared prosperity

Regional connectivity for shared prosperity

UN study for Asia and the Pacific

Making it happen

Asia-Pacific MDG Report 2015

Disasters without borders

Asia-Pacific Disasters Report 2015