Disasters without borders

Asia-Pacific Disasters Report 2015

Asia and the Pacific is the most disaster prone region in the world. During the past decade the region was struck by 1,625 disasters—over 40 per cent of the global total – and half a million people lost their lives. Over the same period region has incurred economic damage of more than half a trillion dollars.

The 2015 Asia-Pacific Disaster Report – Disasters without borders: regional resilience for sustainable development, shows how existing risks are exacerbated and new risks are created, by rapid economic growth, rising populations, burgeoning cities, and the consequent impact on environmental buffers.

The report illustrates successful cases where countries in the region work together—such as the region’s spacefaring countries that share technology, information and expertise for disaster preparedness. But it also identifies areas that lack strong cooperation, especially cross-border floods and landslides.

The report presents a framework for integrating disaster risk reduction into sustainable development plans, policies, sectoral programs and budgets.

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