Global employment trends for youth

Paths to a better working future

Incorporating the most recent employment trends for young women and men, Global Employment Trends for Youth sets out the youth labour market situation around the world. It shows where progress has or has not been made, updates world and regional youth labour market indicators, and gives detailed analyses of medium-term trends in youth population, labour force,employment, unemployment, working poverty and informality.

The 2017 edition discusses the implications of technological change for youth labour market prospects, focusing on trends in sectoral employment and on the forms of work available to young people.

The report draws on the extensive range of analyses undertaken by the ILO and others in recent years so as to outline innovative and effective policy responses to the challenges facing young women and men entering the world of work today. It also offers insights into the directions needed for national policies and programmes to meet the challenges the youth of tomorrow will encounter in their search for entry points into decent work.

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