Making Our Future

Making our Future: New directions for human development in Asia and the Pacific. Human development report for Asia and the Pacific, 2024

Asia and the Pacific has been a strong performer in human development. Yet, hidden beneath the surface are stark disparities, and in recent years, along with the rest of the world, the region has been subjected to significant disruptions.

Now Asia and the Pacific faces three major clusters of risk. First, the existential threats from climate change and pandemics. Second, new trends in globalization and in demographic and technological change that are reshaping economic growth and job creation. Third, the threats from democratic backsliding, rising populism and polarization.

Making our Future considers how the region can address these risks and make further advances in human development. For this, it can build on two proven paradigms – those of human development and export-led growth. Both originated in Asia and the Pacific, and they remain rich sources of ideas and inspiration.

But they need to be adapted for a new era. The Report shows how countries in the region can revitalize their development strategies to close existing gaps and boost human security, with an unrelenting focus on governance and the politics of reform.

As the world’s most populous region, and an economic powerhouse, Asia and the Pacific has significant weight in global development. So new ideas for reigniting human development in this region will also have major impli-
cations for the world as a whole.

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